Google Apps for Education Acct vs. Personal Acct

This article explains how to verify that you are logged into your UA CatMail account (Google Workspace - Student Email) and not a personal Gmail account.

If you have a personal Gmail account as well as a CatMail account, remember to check which account you are logged into. If you are working or collaborating on school-related files, be sure you are logged into your CatMail account.

Note: See the UA's Information Resource Classification Standard and Information Handling Standard to determine the type of files you can send or receive in CatMail.

Similarly, be sure you are not using your CatMail account when working on or sharing personal projects.

Some services may not show the UA logo when you are logged into CatMail on the Gmail and Google Apps websites. If you do not see the UA logo, you can use the tips below to identify the account.

To check which account you are logged into: