Long Distance Individual Account Codes


An Individual Account Code (also known as an Authorization Code) allows the Facility Restriction Level of a phone to be temporarily overridden so that long distance calls may be placed from the phone if it is normally restricted. Individual Account Codes are issued to individuals within a department. When your IAC is used for a call, the charges for the call are billed to it rather than to the phone.

Individual account codes are useful for areas in which several individuals may be using the same phone and accountability for calls is needed, or for areas in which the phone cannot be secured from unauthorized use.

On a phone restricted from long distance calling, dial in the number you would like to call, wait for the secondary stutter dial tone (beep beep beep), and then enter the 5-digit Individual Account Code to complete the call.



No cost to activate. Toll rates are based on location called.

Calling Area




Calls that originate in Arizona and terminate in another state.



Calls that originate in Arizona and terminate in Arizona.


Note: Calls that terminate on mobile devices (cell phones, etc.) are more costly—typically four times the rate of calls that terminate on land lines. Surcharges to wireless phones in some countries can be more than $0.35 per minute.


25 Most Frequently Called Countries








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