CatWorks UAConnect365 Accounts for Student Workers


Student workers who need to share calendars, delegate email or calendar, or share IM with career staff can be provisioned with a UAConnect365 account called Catworks. Their email address will be <netid>

Be aware that adding a UAConnect365 account for students can cause email from professors or other faculty/staff they interact with for academic purposes to be delivered to their work email account, rather than their Catmail account.

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For Student Workers

If the department you work for provisions you with a Catworks account, you can interact with your co-workers through the UAConnect365 mail/calendar service they use. See more information about UAConnect365, and ask your supervisor or the department's IT staff if you have questions. 

Check this account regularly, as email from other UA faculty or staff, such as your professors, may be delivered to Catworks instead of to CatMail.


When on Microsoft login page, use <netid>, even though your actual address is

Step-by-step instructions.


You will continue to receive email at <netid> through CatMail, separate from your Catworks account.

However, some faculty/staff email from your academic department may end up in your Catworks account in error. You can ensure an email goes to your CatMail if you ask the sender to send to <netid>


If your work involves sensitive information (e.g., College of Medicine, ResLife, etc.), do not set a Forward on your Catworks account. Ask your supervisor for guidance.


If you do not work with sensitive information, you may set a Forward on your Catworks account so that all your email goes to CatMail and you do not lose any important messages.